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Tegeleme sinist ja lillat värvi Briti lühikarvaliste kasside aretusega. Meie kasvandus sai alguse suurest armastusest selle tõu vastu. Britlased on seltskondlikud, hellad ja truud kassid, kes hoiavad lapsi ja andestavad nende väntsutamise. Kasvandusest on alati võimalik saada loomaarsti abi ja nõu kassi pidamise, toitmise ja hooldamise kohta.

British shorthair cattery „Feretty”                                

We breed blue and lilac shaded British shorthair cats. My name is Olga Vassiljev and our cattery started because of the affection for this breed. British shorthairs are socialised and gentle cats that show devotion to the human members of the family. They love and even protect children and forgive them the accidental battering that young children sometimes inflict in play.

Our cattery was registered with Estonian Cat Breeders Union FELIX on March 30th 2004 and with FIFE (Federation Internationale Feline) on April 1st, 2004. By now our cats live in numerous loving families in Estonia, Finland and Russia. Our priority is breeding cats with good health, excellent temper and beautiful coat. Only cats from blood lines well known in Europe and good results in international cat shows are used.

Our cats are full members of the family and live with us (or our friends) in home, not in a separate cage. Kittens are brought up with big love. Beside the mother, we take care of them right from the start and show devotion, attention and love to every single one of them. We care about the conditions of the new home for our kitten. This is why we don't sell kittens to just anybody.

You can always get advice and help of a veterinarian doctor regarding keeping, feeding and caring from us.

The kittens from our cattery are living in Estonia, United Kingdom, Poland, Russia and Finland.